Who's this book being written by?

There are 4 individuals compiling the interviews and stories that will go into this book. You can learn more by clicking on our Authors page!

Who should read this book?

We're putting this book in such a way so that anyone can learn from it. However, we expect that the people who will benefit the most from reading it will be high-school students who are curious about what the college experience is really like, and parents who want to hear the truth straight from the lives of current college students.

What format will this book be in?

This book will be released in a digital PDF, Mobi and ePub versions, with possibilities for other print versions.

Is this book free?

Since we're putting in a lot of time and energy into making this book happen, we ask that you pay a fair price for our book. However, we will leave the exact price to pay up to you. Our #1 goal is to distribute this knowledge into the minds of students and parents, so the price will be a reasonable one.